Needlefelt, the right choice soft-floor covering for events and more

Orotex and Real are the world’s leading manufacturers of needle-punch, fiber-bonded carpets.

Our needlefelt carpets offer exceptional durability and style for the outdoors, exhibitions, automotive showrooms, commercial spaces and events. They are also available for specialist applications such as doormats, runners and contract carpet tiles.

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Let’s rethink event carpets

The age of disposable carpets is over. But events? We plan to celebrate them for a long time to come. Big picture – we’re ready to rethink, rewind, and revel in life. And 100% recyclable Rewind carpets offer perfection in the color, the feel, the vibe. All with the planet in mind. We’ve only got one, so join our movement. Make waste yesterday and green up your event.

Discover how we are greening up the event sector.

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Did you know we produce over 2,500 rolls of needlefelt carpet per day?


Imagine 42 football fields covered in carpet!